Pictures of the Week

The Encino Farmers Market - my local favorite - was recently rated one of the
Top Ten Farmers Markets in Southern California by the Los Angeles Times.
In my mind, there's no question why.


I bought Key Lime Fudge from this stand today to send to my good friend Dan in Michigan.

My "sprouts" stand. They taste a lot different from here than the supermarket. I'm partial to Clover Sprouts.

Cherries, Plucots, & Nectarines at my favorite fruit stand. Yum!

My strawberry guy. This stand has the best strawberries that I've ever tasted.

Asian vegetables of all sorts. Many of the new foods that I try every week come from this gentleman. I have rarely been disappointed when trying out new foods.

The best tomatoes in the world, no exceptions.

Want to go shopping, Honey?

I had to wait a while to get this shot because there were so many people there today.

Carrots. I love to buy the really thick ones, run them through my food processor so that they come out in thin rounds, then use them as "chips" to dip in Papaya Mango Salsa that I buy from Trader Joes.

Plant Stand.

Texas Sweet Onions. I bought a bunch today.

The far end of the Farmers Market. Gosh, I'm beet!

All sorts of things are available there.


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